Did you know?

Korona filter tube

is made from paper of the quality equal to the one used by the world’s best-known cigarette brands

Slim Korona filter

Tubes save up to 30% of tobacco compared to standard Korona filter tubes

Korona filter tubes

offer best quality at the best price

Our Nescafe coffee

is the same as the one found in the Western European market

This coffee is convenient for

hoReCa objects – hotels, restaurants and cafés

Nescafé and responsible consumption

about 4600 mugs of Nescafé is being consumed in each second worldwide!

Super82 filters out

at least 80% of tar, without changing the flavour and taste of tobacco

Super82 filter cigarette holder

protects your health, protects teeth whiteness and prevents bad breath

Gold medal winner

for innovation, awarded at EXPO82 fair in Geneva

Korona portfolio

Top quality at an exceptional price