About us

Our company Trilll Ltd. was established in 2012 as a family business. Since its founding, our mission was to primarily provide smokers with a healthier and much more affordable way of consuming tobacco, with the main aim for our customers to eventually stop smoking for good.

Our customers frequently say that we protect their health and save their money.

With our headquarters in Novi Sad, 14 Somborski bulevar, we have quickly developed into a serious company with a large number of associates and regular, satisfied customers.

The imperative of our business is speed, solvency, availability of all products in required quantities, as well as flexibility and a high level of professional approach to our customers.

We are best known with our customers as:

  • An exclusive importer of brand ‘Korona’ for Serbia and all non-EU Balkan countries – empty cigarettes and additional materials (injector machines and cigarette cases)
  • An exclusive importer and distributor of brand ‘Super82’, filter cigarette holder, for Serbia.
  • Importer and distributors for ‘Nescafe classic’, a 2gr x 100 package for HoReCa ,objects in Serbia

The major part of our business is oriented towards cooperation with the company  “Telmax” from Poland, which is the producer of ‘Korona’ empty cigarette filter tubes.

The development of our company was largely contributed by the right decision to sign an exclusive contract with Korona products, which have become a synonym for high quality empty cigarettes and which have gained trust by a large number of customers with its premium quality and affordable price.

Their cigarette filters have become available through cooperation with our distributor company and wide retail network throughout our country.

In order to enable our customers to enjoy their tobacco passion in a responsible and healthier way, we have expanded our sales assortment with a unique product – filter cigarette holder ‘Super82’.

The care of our customers and their  satisfaction are the basic principles in Trilll’s operation.

A large number of restaurants and hotels use ‘Nescafe classic’. The coffee quality is in accordance with the standards of Western European countries, which makes this 2-gram packaging of the renowned brand unique in the market.

Our spacious warehouse in Novi Sad and large stock enable our very quick response to the clients’ needs.

We strive to improve our business every year, with the goal to keep our clients satisfied.

The plan for the future is to expand the number of regular customers, but also to activate the web shop, as well as our social media ubiquity in order for the larger number of tobacco and coffee consumers to learn about our products, alongside with responsible campaigns promoting healthier tobacco consumption.