A worldwide product by international company VED-REK. Awarded gold medal for innovation, at EXPO82 fair in Geneva. Certificate ISO 9001 and 4001 holder


Super82 filters out at least 80% or tar without changing the flavour and taste of tobacco

Made from medical plastics. Available at all pharmacies.

Protects your health

Protects teeth whiteness

Prevents bad breath

Recommended use: 4-6 cigarettes by filter
Available at all shops, newsstands and pharmacies.

Way of use: for the proper use of the filter in SUPER82 cigarette holder, it is important to plug the cigarette filter into the holder so that it touches the red part inside the holder.

Super82 Preimum FilterSuper82 Preimum Filter

Super82 Preimum Filter

Pack: 7 pieces

Super82 MiniSuper82 Mini

Super82 Mini

Pack: 10 pieces

Super82 SlimsSuper82 Slims

Super82 Slims

Pack: 20 pieces

TipTime MentolTipTime Mentol

TipTime Mentol

Pack: 10 pieces

Super82 EkonomikSuper82 Ekonomik

Super82 Ekonomik

Pack: 24 pieces